July 22, 2018 – Lake Ontario

It’s a 4 hour or more, drive from Cleveland to Olcott, NY and the weather reports and lake conditions were less than favorable as we headed north. We had booked a charter with Captain Matt and First Mate Jack, of 716 Sport Fishing, Trout and Salmon Charters in Olcott, NY. (You can reach Matt at 716-946-3578 or visit his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/716sportfishing/).

Upon our arrival, the lake appeared fishable and Matt and Jack were willing to take us out. The predicted weather event moved through and as we anticipated, flipped the lake, driving the fish into deeper waters. The conditions were interesting with BIG rollers to contend with and as a result,  just a couple of other boats ventured out with us.

We found King Salmon and despite having a couple of newbies on board, we landed 5 of 8, engaging some big fish. As an added bonus, we experienced an amazing double rainbow, it was enough to make grown men cry.

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